Republican state leaders are demanding the American flag be reinstated at a veterans cemetery, where some Mississippi residents noticed on Memorial Day it had

Maybe this will get liberals rethinking that whole “sanctuary city” business. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has kicked off a social media storm

Rep. Matt Rosendale has introduced legislation prohibiting the Department of Defense from using taxpayer funds to host or support adult cabaret performances..Mr. Rosendale, Montana

The threat of eradicating AM radio in American cars produced a rare scene of bipartisanship in Congress on Tuesday when lawmakers rallied to the

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Ultra-left retail giant Target is at it again, this time donating money to a radical group that wants to demolish the colossal monument to

“The national debt is now the same size as our gross domestic product. It’s like your credit card debt being as much as your

New York City installed a vending machine that dispenses free crack pipes, Narcan (an overdose reversal drug), and condoms.